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Thank You To Our Generous Supporters!

$1362.60 Raised 

with T-shirt Sales


$500 in Cash Donations

 We Raised $1,862.60 !!

Over 70 Participants


98 Shirts Sold!


Wafa S.   2 shirts


Layla E.    3 shirts

"I stand for humanity, I stand with Gaza".


Julius J.   1 shirt + $30 donation


"No matter where you are in the world or what your beliefs are, this is about being human".


Kristina B.   2 shirts


Julie R.   2 shirts


Abby Z.   4 shirts + $50 donation


Daisy R.  1 shirt


Anonymous Friend   $100 donation


Hiyam D.   2 shirts


Saher A.   1 shirt

Akbar M.    $50 donation

"God bless you all for all the great work you do. Inshallah may we see Palestine free real soon. Please keep my family and myself in your prayers"


Mohammed R.   4 shirts


Samira O.   1 shirt


Amal K.    1 shirt


Jessica L.   1 shirt


Lamia S.   1 shirt


Aziza M.    1 shirt


Besima E.   1 shirt


Deena S.    1 shirt


Nader I.   1 shirt


Hadeel S.   1 shirt


Rebecca R.    1 shirt

Camelia S.     4 shirts


Michael W.     2 shirts


Deena S.    8 shirts


Dorian D.  1 shirt + $10 donation


Denese D.   $10 donation


Sarah E.   $10 donation


Labebi A.   1 shirt


Danielle M.  $20 donation


Steven B.   1 shirt + $20 donation


Liliana E.   $20 donation

  "hope4gaza" "prayforgaza"


Layla E. $80

"May every little bit donated help Palestinians in Gaza move one step ahead to a better tomorrow. God Bless Gaza. God Bless Children of Gaza  #Hope4Gaza #PrayForGaza "


Anonymous Friend  $100 Donation


Gadeer Zughayer   3 shirts

We raised $1862.60!

Your contribution will greatly benefit children!





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