Art Huffstutler Memorial Fundraiser


Here in Illinois, an organization called the Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run has been a champion of veterans for the last decade. One of the valuable projects that it pushes forward each year is the Veterans Food Drive.

This is an all encompassing push to feed over 800 veteran-based families for Thanksgiving and beyond. This drive will benefit families supported by veterans who have reached out and asked for help getting food on the table.

The Will County Deputy Sheriff's Union and the Chicago Airsoft Association worked together in 2013 to support the Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run in this effort, and 2014 is no different.

Both the Will County Deputy Sheriff's Union and the Chicago Airsoft Association launched this effort in remembrance of Deputy Art Huffstutler, a Navy Vietnam veteran that passed in 2012 and was a member of both organizations. While Art was still with us, he contributed to the Veterans Food Drive, led a generally exceptional life while doing his job, and had some fun with the Chicago Airsoft Association on the weekends.

A.Abel Printing and Graphics has decided to work with us in remembering Art by furnishing the profits from these shirts, minus cost and shipping, directly to the Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run so that 800 veteran based Chicagoland families can eat this holiday season.


We thank you for your contribution and hope you enjoy the shirt. If you would like more information about the Veterans Food Drive, please visit their website HERE

T-shirt sales will end on November 17th. 

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